App development is not just about coding

    Basically, we design and develop software for Android, iOS and mobile web applications. In addition:

    Our first job: to fully understand what you want

    Whether you’re looking for a completely new concept or you’d like to further develop an existing app – or if you need help with a last-minute fix before a release:

    We see the product from the customer’s point of view. We want to know what your work process looks like. How will the app make the user happy and take your business a step further?

    That’s why first we just listen.

    We use a workshop to zero in on your vision for the product

    Through sketches, mock-ups, initial design drafts and a list of the most important functions, we develop a basic app. This also enables us to define the minimum viable product with which the app can go to market.

    Alongside this will often be an extensive feature list containing extensions of the core functions as well as nice-to-have features. These can then be sorted according to priorities and content-specific requirements, and can be planned as updates for future versions.

    We’re happy to get on board with existing projects

    You’re in the middle of a development process but something isn’t right? We’re here to support you with an app development process that has already begun. After a situation report, we offer detailed advice on the next steps to take. We can also completely take over a project that’s in progress and bring it to a successful conclusion.

    Whether you’re taking your first steps or crossing the finish line, we’ll ensure a regular and open line of communication. We’ll show you where the project stands, and give you feedback on our interim steps and decisions.

    App success means continuous work

    The launch of an app is the beginning of a process. Apps need constant maintenance in order to adjust to recent developments or new versions of operating systems. As a rule of thumb we anticipate that the first year of technical maintenance will equate to around 20% of the original scope of the project.

    Naturally, a client’s needs can also change, for example in reaction to user feedback. This is why we offer you a contingency of work days in the maintenance phase for the purpose of adjusting the app. With the Kanban method you’re flexible when individual features or bug fixes need to be taken care of and passed on to the user.

    An app needs time and money

    We’ll talk to you openly about the length and the costs of a project. Because we provide realistic time management and first-class quality, we always establish all of the project’s requirements at the very beginning. One thing is for certain: every project comes with its own surprises. For that reason, communication and transparency aren’t empty words for us: we never leave our clients in the dark.

    The question, “So how much does it cost?” is one that we can answer only after conducting a detailed assessment. As a point of orientation we can say that a project that costs less than 30,000 Euros is the exception rather than the rule. If a four-person team works on an app and the relevant backend over several months, then you can expect a monthly cost of around 60,000 Euros. With our agile fixed pricing policy, we combine financial planning security with the best methods of delivering good software. Ask us!

    Usability-check vs. going in blind

    We work with prototypes, test product elements, an existing product or general usability and user experience at the beginning. In the development phases we use a range of methods: wireframe and prototype tests, user tests, heuristic evaluations, interviews and surveys.

    In this way, we identify strengths and weaknesses and make sure the app fits perfectly to the user.