Mimi Hearing Test

mimi Hörtest App


Development, Design Support


Android, iOS


Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH


2018 – 2020

What was Karlmax’s role in the project?

Support the development of the Android version of the Mimi-SDK. In addition we integrated the new components in the Hearing Test Apps for Android and iOS.

Why does the user need the app?

Because there is a better solution for the optimal listening experience than just turning up the volume.

What can the app do?

The Mimi hearing test checks the user’s hearing ability in different frequency ranges with the help of a signal that users have to recognise from background noise. The app turns the user’s hearing data into tangible insights and allows an account to be created to compare these insights with the peer group.

Hörtest App

The challenge

During the development of the Android Mimi-SDK we had to work closely with the client, adapt to their agile rituals, keep the feature parity with the iOS SDK and understand the needs and requirements from their design team while adding our expertise on the Android look-and-feel.

Because their hearing test engine was under heavy development we also needed to be in close contact with their team and adapt to breaking changes.
On top of this, the SDK had to be composed of five different modules, which could be used separately or together.

The integration of the Mimi-SDKs in the iOS and Android app was rather straightforward, but we had to implement a system that would display different partner content depending on the language and region selected by the user.

How did we proceed?

Developing a SDK is always an extra responsibility, and because it was also a requirement from the client that it had to be composed of several independent modules, we put special effort into creating the best possible foundation. So the first meetings, technological research and exchange of opinions with the client’s stakeholders were crucial.
During the development of the Android Mimi-SDK, we worked almost as part of their company, many days directly at their office with them, which allowed us to better understand their process and needs.
We iterated several times on both graphical aspects and core functionalities of the SDK, until we reached the point where the client could take over the Android Mimi-SDK and we could focus on integrating it in their pre-existing iOS and Android apps.

Hörtest Ergebnis

Behind the scenes – or: How I (kind-of) worked for two companies at the same time

Having worked at Karlmax-Berlin for several years as I have, working in the development of a SDK so closely with the client that we were considered the “Android Mimi SDK Team” at the Mimi company was an interesting experience. New tools, agile routines, technologies and, in general, different ways of working were only some of the things that I had to get used to during this challenging project.

Although there were one or two moments where both at Mimi and at Karlmax Berlin we had to adjust part of our process to avoid the friction of actually being different companies, I am happy to say that the mutual respect we developed through the project made this a successful story and a very enriching experience for me.

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