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Is your app not performing as it should?

Your app is not running as you would like it to? We offer a professional and transparent analysis of your app for its performance and potential problems. You decide what comes next. Let’s talk about it!

Optimise an app

Offering an app requires continuous maintenance and further development of the concept and code. Due to the very dynamic environment of the various app stores and providers, demand and user numbers can also be subject to heavy fluctuations.

On top of that, manufacturers are developing new rules, new devices, and new features whose support cannot always easily be integrated in existing apps. The consequence:

A popular app can fall in rating overnight – or very slowly and gradually – or crash in the download rankings. Crashes and interruptions cause usage to decline or users to turn their backs on it.

Typical areas of action in which we offer our assistance:

  • 2-3 stars rating
  • Long maintenance intervals/ last update was a long time ago
  • Decreasing user numbers
  • Internal or external complaints about the app are accumulating
  • Inconsistency between Android and iOS

Possible results of our work

  • Your sales increase
  • Your app receives a positive rating
  • Your app achieves a better ranking
  • Better usability and higher user satisfaction
  • Higher brand perception

We analyse your app

Perhaps the development of the app was on hold for a while or was not the focus of interest. From time to time, developers also change or are busy with other projects.

In this case, we analyse your app for current performance and potential problems. We offer you targeted options that are effective with or without app development or show how an improvement of the app in concept and design can achieve an upgrade to current standards and customs.

Our offer


Growth Check

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We can tell you why your app is at a stagnation point in a compact report with our recommendations for action and a tracking review. We dissect all analytics data, UX, competition and user feedback and do a tracking plan review.

from 7200,-€

Full Screening

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For the complete screening, after a full analysis of your code, technology stack, standards used and a review of UX and UI with detailed documentation, we will present the findings in a half-day workshop. You will receive a full inspection and architecture report on all dimensions of your app in our presentation.

In any case, we can derive further steps from this, propose a roadmap and also directly eliminate minor or obvious bugs as part of the pre-production projects.

Why we’re not jumping right into a big app project

We know from experience that close cooperation sometimes requires trust and benevolence and should therefore not be started half-heartedly.

We would like to give you the opportunity to get an idea of your situation and our partnership. We think that an idea and a first valid offer for your project is only truly possible when we take the first step together and get to know the fundamentals and requirements.

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