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Is your app not running like you want it to? Or is your app no longer available at all? We offer you professional and transparent analysis of your app and you decide what comes next. Let’s talk about it!

First aid for app store problems

Sometimes the operators of the app stores inform you that an app is about to be kicked out of the store overnight or – even worse – has already been removed from app stores.

The reasons can be complex. Apps need continuous maintenance and care; new phones that require updates are appearing regularly. It may also be that the operators of the stores accuse you of “policy violations” because the content or their offer does not fit the guidelines of the manufacturers.

It may also be the case that earlier versions of the apps passed the review processes without any problems and suddenly something doesn’t work. This could also be due to adjustments in the guidelines or individual decisions of the reviewers. However, it is also possible that an interface did not work as planned or that the connected hardware stopped working.

In such cases, there is often the question of who or what exactly is responsible for the problems and whether investing in a revision is worthwhile.

Typical situations in which we can help:

  • Your app has been removed from the store
  • Your app is at risk of being removed from the store
  • It’s been a while since the last update and the maintenance intervals are very long
  • Your app has a lot of users
  • An event is coming up, but the app is outdated


  • You now know what is going on.
  • You have a long-term plan.
  • Your app is quickly back in the store.


Often, the problem arises from the deficiency that was used to justify the blocking. In many cases, however, the explanations are formulated in a complicated way or are even cryptic.

Does blocking refer to the content of the description on the page or is there really an error? This is not always clear from the description.

If this is the case, we look for the cause. We test the app ourselves, look through the existing data in the account, or check the configuration and code to see if we can find a reason to complain.

And if the error cannot be resolved quickly, you will always receive specific recommendations for action from us.


Depending on whether your app is still in the store or not, and what situation your app is in, one of our scenarios will come into consideration for you. This gives you an evaluation with a clear result about whether your app needs only small changes, maintenance on the existing codebase, a rewrite or completely different steps, and what the benefits are compared to the investment.


Quick Check

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Is your app still available?

After our analysis of store reports and data, crashes, API, backend, and UI/UX review, you will receive a personalized and concise report with recommendations for action.


Problem Framing

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Your app is no longer in the store?

After our analysis of store error messages and data, crash reports, API availability, and backend, we identify the faulty code areas and reach out to the respective app store. Within one week, you will receive a problem statement and an emergency plan from us, assessing the feasibility of the app, identifying the areas of improvement, and providing an initial estimation of the scope.

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Sounds good and need some more information? In an initial conversation, we will clarify all open questions. (Of course, without obligation or free of charge.)


To identify the problem quickly, we need access to the account as well as the email traffic that has already been exchanged with the provider. If there is an error message that relates to the code or project, it would be helpful if you prepared access to the source code. In a nutshell:

  • All emails that have been exchanged with the providers.
  • All data about the app such as name/package/technology/white label or not, etc.
  • The metadata for the app such as description, images, age rating, settings for countries and app purchases.
  • Access to the source code