Android and API development


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2014 – today

What was Karlmax’s role in the project?

We support HortKinetix since 2014 in concept, design and implementation of the app (currently Android), the API and the backend.

Why does the user need the app?

Because it closes an important gap in an almost completely digitized process.

What can the app do?

HortKinetix is a service provider that checks the quality of fruit and vegetables in the purchasing process of large retail chains. The app supports its workers by improving internal working processes: it digitalises the professional, standardised test protocols. At its conclusion, the backend automatically sends a final quality report to all those who need to work with the data. This gives the inspectors more time for their real task (inspecting fruit and vegetables). The collected control data can then be more easily analysed and compared later on. Our customers can best explain this whole procedure on theQualyCheck section of their website.


The challenge

In the incoming goods section of a large interim storage warehouse there’s a massive amount of activity going on across a large area. Palettes of fruit and vegetables (sometimes nearly 100 m at a time) are being offloaded and brought to their respective parking positions. The inspectors walk between the palettes with goods lists, cameras, clipboards, laptops, trainees and a knife, and in the middle of all this action (the goods need to be brought as quickly as possible to their individual shops) they attempt to inspect samples of the goods. The app on their smartphone reduces greatly the number of devices that they need to carry around with them. But even more important than this is the database with standards, containing preformulated descriptions of faulty goods and various input screens. This makes it easy to create a standardised, formatted result with the minimum of additional effort. The procedure also makes using the four-eyes principle easier: A second, experienced inspector can use the app protocol and the photos to make a reality check and compare the results to the company’s guidelines.

How did we proceed?

To begin with we needed to understand exactly which control instruments and criteria are necessary for the quality control of fruit and vegetables, and what the process looks like on the ground. We kicked this off by placing one of our developers in the goods incoming entrance to witness a normal day. With their report as a starting point we put together the technical concept and the software architecture, which more than anything needed to be as robust as possible – because there‘s never really a quiet moment in the incoming goods section.


Behind the scenes or: How we learned to love little changes

The setting up of inspection protocols for fruit and vegetables—that doesn’t sound like much of a big deal. But it’s exactly these kinds of projects that are our special favourites. Why? Because the big jump forward is no more than the sum of many, many small changes. The app made our client an innovation leader in the quality management of fruit and vegetables, as the nomination for Innovation Awards of the Fruit Logistica 2016 proved.